Breast enlargement in males is called gynaecomastia. This is actually a very common condition. The causes of breast enlargement are hormonal problems, puberty, thyroid diseases, liver disorders, old age, excessive alcohol use and the use of certain medications.

Male breast tissue is not different from female breast tissue. It has milk-synthesizing glands, ducts, and adipose tissue. The gynecomastia seen in men, i.e. breast enlargement occurs in different ways. It may appear due to an increase only in the breast tissue, only in the adipose tissue, or both in the breast tissue and adipose tissue. In most of gynecomastia patients, breast enlargement occurs when there is no reason.

Breast enlargement is not harmful in terms of health. However, it is a condition that causes social and psychological problems in men. Especially if the patient is an adolescent person, this problem will cause him to suffer greater problems. Therefore, it should be intervened immediately and the psychological state of the person should be taken under control.

If this condition does appear as a result of any disease, and if you are not in puberty, a surgical intervention will be needed. Gynecomastia usually causes aesthetically uncomfortable conditions and psychological problems. Therefore, if it is not possible for the patient to have gynecomastia surgery, he is advised to wear gynecomastia compression shirts. Gynecomastia compression shirts, like corsets worn by women, conceal the excess of your breast volume.

There is no age limit for gynecomastia surgery. However, if the patient is in puberty, we first advise him to wait until the end of puberty. It is because breast enlargement seen in puberty has been observed to disappear spontaneously after this period. This surgical procedure can be easily performed after the completion of puberty. First the person should be instructed to have the required tests, and then a gynaecomastia surgery should be performed without delay. By this means, breast enlargement will be prevented before psychological problems arise.

If the cause of breast enlargement is the increase in the amount of fat in the region, the problem can be solved with liposuction. Since the liposuction procedure is performed by opening small holes, it will live no surgical scar. However, if the breast enlargement is caused by the growth of the mammary gland tissue, more tissue should be removed through an incision to be made under the nipple. Since the incision will be made under the dark colored area, the scars will not be noticeable and will become indistinct in the course of time.

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    Gynecomastia surgery, i.e. breast reduction surgery, is performed under sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia. After surgeries performed preferably under sedation anesthesia, patients can go home the same day. The operation time of the gynecomastia procedure ranges from half an hour to one hour, depending on the size of the breasts and the method used. With the help of anesthetics given under the tissues, you will feel no postoperative pain. However, you may feel mild pains after a couple of days. This is extremely normal. Usually doctors advise patients to wear a corset for a period of about one month after gynaecomastia surgery, with intent to enable the breast tissues to adhere better to their new place, and also tighten that area.

    For achieving permanent results from breast reduction surgery in men, the weight must be maintained. Since adipose tissues will be completely removed from the region, breast growth will not be seen again, as long as weight gain does not occur. In short, you will be completely get rid of breast enlargement problem after gynecomastia surgery.