It is the removal of thickened subcutaneous adipose tissue that causes deformity in the body with the help of vacuum. While men generally have fat on the sides of the belly and trunk, women have lubrication on the hips, inside of the thigh, belly, trunk sides, arms, back, and food areas. It is applied successfully in regions that cause problems in melting despite diet and sports, in areas that cause asymmetrical protrusion in body shape, and show thick arms, showing women masculine.

Which Liposuction Technique?
When you do research on the internet, you come across very different technical names related to liposuction. Some; This list goes on like Lipoplasty, Liposhaping, Liposculpture, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Microcannula Liposuction, 3D Liposuction, Lipomatic. But are there so many different techniques or surgeries? I answer: ABSOLUTELY NO. Different names are written in order to increase the demand in terms of economy, whereas most of the same operations are done. The reason for this is that the machines that provide the same function produced by different companies are given different names and they advertise it under its technical name to be mentioned by its own name. In other words, do not perceive every foreign word that comes before Liposuction as a different technique.
As I mentioned in other topics, the surgeon will operate you. The result depends on the surgeon´s skills and your tissue healing. No technique used for it can be considered the best alone. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The surgeon will save you not technical.

In all liposuction surgeries, a serum containing pain relievers and drugs that tighten the veins is given and inflated through the 5 mm incision in the area where fat will be removed. Technical differences begin after this point.

In classical liposuction, the surgeon moves forward with the force of the arm and removes fat from the body with the help of vacuum. The advantage is that there is no risk of skin and skin discoloration in the laser and Vaser liposuction. The disadvantage is that the surgeon takes more effort, early bruising may be a little more.

After the Vaser Liposuction fluid is given, the oils are broken with a special machine probe from the same hole. The separated oils are removed under vacuum effect using cannulas. The probe tip of the machine vibrates thousands of times a second and breaks down the oils inside, does not damage the vein and nerve. The advantage of the surgeon is less effort, the vascular nerve structure is better preserved, the bruise is less.

In Laser Liposuction, the high heat-generating point at the tip of the probe melts the oils under the skin. The melted oils are again pulled under vacuum effect using cannulas. Vein and nerve structure protection, although not as ive as Vaser, can easily break down and melt even hard oils

The Infrasonic Liposuction probe breaks down the fat tissue with circular mechanical vibrations in the tissue and at the same time provides the removal of fat with the effect of vacuum. It is a practical and useful method that shortens the operation time. It protects the vascular and nervous structure. In Micro Air Liposuction, the probe moves back and forth and breaks down the oil with mechanical force.

J Plasma Liposuction working principle has a very advanced technology. Adipose tissue is broken down with the energy obtained by the transfer of helium gas into plasma with radiofrequency effect. Its best feature is that it does not generate enough heat to damage the body. However, its cost is much higher than other methods for now.

Preoperative evaluation
Liposuction is definitely not a slimming method. The fats in the treated area are removed and thinning is provided, but the purpose here is not to weaken the person but to contour the body shape. Firstly, the regions you complain about are evaluated. You will be informed about the technique to be applied and about the post-operative period. 

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    Surgery and hospital process.
    Preoperative examinations are prepared on the same day or 1 day before. You should not eat or drink anything 8 hours before the surgery. If the results are evaluated by the anesthesiologist and there is no obstacle, your surgery can be performed. The patient will not feel any pain during the procedure as it is performed under general anesthesia. the duration of the surgery varies according to the number of regions to be liposuction and the amount of oil. Only the food zone process will take 20 minutes while the 2-3 zone process will take longer. The time spent in the operating room will be longer after the patient is put to sleep and awakened by anesthesia.

    In the postoperative service, you will be given antibiotics and pain medication. You will be discharged the next day by making a control examination and being called for a check-up on the 3rd day. A drain can be attached to the abdomen and back areas where Vaser or Laser liposuction is applied. This allows the fluid accumulated in the body and the remaining molten fat to be expelled. After an average of 3 days, drains are removed.

    Post-operative process
    After the procedure, you will see a certain thinning in those areas, but after the edema under the skin decreases and the tissues tighten and adapt to the underlying surface, the original shape will begin to appear after about 4-5 weeks. During this period, daily massage with moisturizing cream is recommended to the areas where fat is removed.

    What are the risks of liposuction?
    As with any surgery, there are some risks in liposuction. Blood or fluid may accumulate in the process area. In such a case, depending on the amount, fluid can be discharged under polyclinic conditions. Very rarely, if an infection is suspected, additional antibiotic therapy is initiated.

    Does sagging occur after liposuction?
    It is a condition that changes according to the person´s age, gender and amount of fat. If all oils are taken from an overly oily area and the patient is of middle age or above, the skin structure is not resilient and cannot recover completely and a certain amount of wrinkle may appear. For this, the patient should be informed in advance and the amount of fat to be removed should be limited. If the patient is young, there will be no sagging since the skin will recover better.

    How many liters of oil are taken?
    The purpose of liposuction is to remove and shape the excess fat tissues in that area. I do not enter any amount of oil to be operated. An average estimate may be made, but this is not a factor that affects the success of the transaction. Also, trying to remove too much oil from the tissue can cause the fat and blood clot to enter the veins and damage vital organs.

    Do I gain weight again from the same area?
    The best part of liposuction is the storage fat cells along with fats. For this reason, excessive lubrication does not occur in the treated areas. However, if you do not pay attention to your diet, those oils are stored in other parts of your body and cause thickening.