Dr. Mahmut Nuri Karatoprak

What is Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Every year, millions of people undergo rhinoplasty surgery because they are not satisfied with their nose appearance or because their nose appearance is impaired as a result of accidents. A better-looking nose also increases self-confidence.

In this surgical procedure called rhinoplasty, the aim is to correct the nasal disfigurement and create a nose that looks more pleasant to the eye in harmony with other features of the face. If there is, at the same time, the bone curvatures (deviation) that prevent breathing in the nose are corrected and respiratory distress is corrected.

The aim of nose aesthetics is to make the nose that best suits your facial structure. The thickness of your skin, the thinness and form of the existing cartilage, your wound healing and previous nose surgeries determine the success rate. The goal is not to make an indifferent nose in your face. Therefore, making the most beautiful nose alone will not solve problems. Making the nose that best suits your face is considered the most successful result. While some parts of the nose are reduced, some parts of the nose are enlarged to provide a nose that looks good on the face. It is important to make a nose that does not look excessive, is alive, the bone roof is not lost and at first glance does not give the impression that it is surgical.